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Compensation & Benefits

Compensation & Benefits

Skirvin and Associates provides all the tools for you to be successful and earn a substantial amount of income-several of our agents earn more than $125,000 per year. Once agents have decided to retire, they continue to receive annual renewal income.

The Compensation Plan:

  • New business commissions paid weekly
  • Renewal commissions paid by separate check once a month
  • Advance commissions without interest charges
  • A variety of commission levels that allow for career advancement
  • First-year commissions that are 100 percent vested from day one
  • Electronic funds transfer (EFT) to your bank-on time, every time

As an agent with Skirvin and Associates, you will have the opportunity to order leads through us to support your production efforts. Leads are supplied at several price points to help reach the number of consumers required to achieve your income goals.

Step-by-Step Calculation to Determine Your Earnings Potential

  • The first step in using the calculator is to select your average lead cost and the number of leads you want to work each week. Our average lead cost is $23. Multiplying your average cost-per-lead by the number of leads you work per week gives you the average weekly lead cost you should expect to incur.
  • Next, select your expected closing ratio. The closing ratio is the number of leads you are capable of converting to sales. An average agent can expect a 25% closing ratio.
  • The next selection is to determine the average yearly premium expected per sale. On average, an agents annual premium per sale OR per policy is in the range of $550-$650.
  • Now, select the number of weeks you plan to work in a year and how many of those weeks you will order leads. You should select at least two additional weeks worked per year, than weeks leads are ordered. This allows you time throughout the year to work old leads and existing policyholders.
  • The earnings potential calculator will use your specific input to generate a report that shows you what you can anticipate earning as an agent with Skirvin & Associates. The report projects five years of earnings including adjustments for several factors, such as: not taken policies, commission rate adjustments, business retention, lead expenses, and policy renewal commission streams. The “Annual Earnings” indicates the income in each specific contract year. The final, “Career Earnings”, gives you the total expected income after each year.


CIGNA Group Personal Accident Insurance Plan

  • -Pays for death or injury from covered accidents
  • -$1,000 – $1,000,000 of benefit available
  • -Individual and family coverage options
  • -Annual enrollment period – fixed premiums



Old American Deferred Compensation Plan

  • -Defer 1% – 50% of comp as a retirement fund
  • -Variety of investment choices – fixed & variable
  • -Lump-sum or annuity distribution options
  • -One year of service and $50,000 APB/Yr. required.