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Lead Management

Lead Management

Our proprietary lead generation program is the best in the final expense business.

Our system generates a constant flow of targeted leads through a combination of direct mail, television, newspaper inserts, telemarketing, and funeral home endorsements.

Old American agents are in control of their time and income-managing leads in the most convenient and profitable way to best fit their lifestyle.

For example, most agents have found that working 20 to 40 leads per week, or over the course of three to four days, allows them to reach their income goals. Typically, these are full work days. Some agents begin as early as 8 a.m. and work as late as 9:00 p.m.

Once you are in your specified work area you will begin your workday. With your leads in hand, home visits are made to further explain the information to the prospects and answer any questions the future clients may have. Once your prospect has decided to buy, the paperwork is completed and a short phone interview is conducted to answer a few basic health questions.

Many of our agents work very large territories and therefore some travel is required. Keep in mind that each agent is a 1099 employee; all travel and work-related expenses are tax deductible. (Please seek professional advice when filing.)

If you have the experience, drive and professionalism we seek, please contact our recruitment hotline at 1-888-216-2245. You may also submit a current resume to:

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